The Madruga Family Emergency Fund for Extenuating Circumstances

The Madruga Family Emergency Fund has been established for students that have “Extenuating Circumstances”. The scholarship will assist students who are currently facing housing or eviction issues, which may prevent them from completing their courses for the current semester. The scholarship will award up to $1000, to 12 full-time or part-time students. Awards will be allocated in accordance with the individual need described and with the supporting documentation provided.
This Emergency fund is open to all students currently enrolled at Hostos who are in GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING. Please note that there is no GPA requirement for freshmen, but continuing students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher to qualify for this award. All scholarship applications and required materials must be submitted through the Hostos scholarship system. Paper applications will not be accepted and incomplete applications will not be considered. Recipients will be selected on a need basis.
The scholarship will close as soon as all qualified applicants have been identified or until all available funds are exhausted.
To qualify students must:
-Submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty, staff, academic advisor, guidance counselor, supervisor or employer.
-Be currently enrolled as a Hostos student
-Answer all supplemental questions
-Have a demonstrated need (only housing or eviction issues will be considered)
-Submit documentation that supports the needs described in the scholarship application
-Apply through the scholarship website (paper applications will not be accepted)
For questions, more information and/or for assistance in the application process please contact the scholarship office at or 718-518-4166.

up to $1,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a copy of your unofficial transcript (must be downloaded from your CUNYfirst account, then uploaded on your application.)
  2. In as much details as possible, describe the financial hardship(s) and extenuating circumstance(s) that you are currently facing. (One paragraph)
  3. Please explain your career goals and how receiving this emergency fund will help you achieve them.
  4. Please upload documentation that supports the described need you are currently facing it may include a bursar receipt, the past due electric bill, overdue childcare bill, outstanding medical bills, eviction notice, rent bill . In the event that you experience issues uploading your documents, contact the scholarship office for assistance.
  5. Please enter the name, last name and email account of your recommender. This will allow them to upload a letter on your behalf
  6. Please indicate your current credit hours.
  7. Are you currently enrolled at Hostos Community College?
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